Corporate Legal Consultancy And Compliance

The Act was introduced by the government with the objective of promoting “ Ease of Living “ in the country by providing “Ease of Doing Business” to law-abiding corporates, fostering improved corporate compliance for stakeholders at large, and also addressing emerging issues having an impact on the working of corporates in the country. It helps us to bring greater transparency in corporate structure and better corporate compliance so as to enhance the efficiency of the processes under Companies Act, 2013. Services offered by us includes the following:-

  1. Incorporation of company & Facilitating registration with several tax authority.
  2. Managing / Re-arranging the capital structure of the company.
  3. Certification or drafting of various deeds / documents / resolutions / agreements/ Minutes of meeting and statutory registers etc.
  4. Appearing before the various authorities under the Law.
  5. Annual filing & compliance.
  6. Obtaining approvals from government authorities like NCLT, Regional Director, RoC & RBI.
  7. Structured Finance.
  8. Debt and private equity syndication.
  9. Structured products for balance sheet, capital structure & liquidity management.
  10. Filing of documents with Registrar of Companies.
  11. Conducting Statutory Audit at the year end.
  12. Consultancy for other different provisions as applicable to company.
  13. Other professional advisory Services.


                     “Our goal is to set the gold standard when it comes to compliance”

We at Manish Goyal & Co. serve our clients with corporate legal consultancy services abiding all compliances and team always keep on their toes. Our firm mainly works on proactive rather than reactive approach because we believe that on should be future oriented and be prepared for the arriving circumstances. We aim to provide innovative solutions as per the requirements of clients and depending upon the nature and size of the entity.  Our firm is a configuration of professionally qualified and experienced person who are ardent to add value and optimise the benefits accruing to clients.

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