Practise Areas

Direct Taxation

The Indian Direct Tax regime is both complex and dynamic. With the law constantly changing to reflect the current policy of the government and a tenacious tax department that tends to litigate most issues, handling tax functions in most companies can be challenging.

Indirect Taxation

The GST team at the firm provides comprehensive services in this area. These include providing services relating to GST returns and assessments, GST advisory, tax compliance reviews, contract reviews, due diligence, and litigation. 

Audit and Assurance

An audit is an independent examination of financial information of any entity, whether profit-oriented or not, irrespective of its size and legal form when such an examination is conducted with a view to express an opinion thereon. 

Project Consultancy

As project consultants we offer our expertise on projects to clients to help them achieve their business goals and sustainable growth. These projects can be operational, strategic, or technical in nature. 

Project Financing

Money is of the nature of manure. Pile it up at one place, and it pollutes the air. Scatter it over fields and it rewards you with a bumper harvest.

Our project finance team works painstakingly in respect of financial analysis of the complete life cycle of the project.

Business Process Reengineering

Running a successful business means being in a constant state of dynamism that fosters creativity. Business Process Reengineering is the process that involves the radical redesign of core business processes.

Business Registrations

Thinking is the capital, Enterprise is the way, hard work is the solution. We at Manish Goyal & Co. work on this agenda. We spearhead the effort to fulfill the rules and regulations pertaining to legal compliances. Business Registration is a deliberate coordinated task that requires dexterity and skill. Business incorporation enables the entity to boost its reputation and goodwill in the target market.

Corporate Legal Consultancy and Compliance

The Act was introduced by the government with the objective of promoting “ Ease of Living “ in the country by providing “Ease of Doing Business” to law-abiding corporates, fostering improved corporate compliance for stakeholders at large and also addressing emerging issues having an impact on the working of corporates in the country.

Intellectual Property

Trademark law in India is well-settled and offers robust protection and enforcement regime for right holders. The range of protection encompasses words, labels, devices, shapes, sounds, colors, textures, etc. amongst others.

Real Estate Practice

Consistent economic growth and increasing urbanization have buoyed the Indian real estate industry. The last decade witnessed a remarkable growth in residential and commercial property projects. It also saw the emergence of a complex ecosystem that eventually drove the enactment of the Real Estate Regulation Act. The country has also witnessed a large swing towards the development of sophisticated warehousing space.

Insolvency& Bankruptcy Practice

MG & Co. has a well-rounded sizeable practice of both litigation and non-litigation work in the area of Insolvency and Restructuring. We have been involved in various high value and complex corporate restructuring and litigation. We have advised our clients on Individual and corporate bankruptcy, and group insolvencies etc.

General Corporate & Restructuring Practice

Restructuring transactions in India require a considerable investment of time and effort during the planning phase. Most restructuring transactions involve an interplay of complex strategic, operational, legal, taxation, and economic issues, which need to be identified, refined, and balanced in order to meet the desired business objectives

Alternate Dispute Resolution

Through our Arbitration practice, we engage in mediation and arbitration on behalf of our clients in India. We negotiate settlement agreements when appropriate and represent our clients in defense of these claims before Courts, administrative agencies, and in arbitration proceedings within India.

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