Project Financing

Project Financing

Money is of the nature of manure. Pile it up at one place, and it pollutes the air. Scatter it over fields and it rewards you with a bumper harvest.

Our project finance team works painstakingly in respect of financial analysis of the complete life cycle of the project. Generally, we perform the cost-benefit analysis which is a meticulous approach of estimating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of alternatives used to determine options that provide the best approach to achieve the benefits while preserving savings.

We first examine the financial structure which is a mixture of debt and equity, which will be used to finance the project. Then, identify and value the Techno-economic viability of the project and determine if the benefits outweigh the costs.

  • The stages of Project Financing are:

  • Pre-Financing Stage

  • Identification of the

  • Project Plan

  • Recognizing,

  • considering, and

  • Minimizing the Risk

  • factors

  • Checking Project

  • Techno-Economic

  • Viability

  • Financing Stage

  • Arrangement and

  • evaluation of sources of

  • funding

  • Loan or Equity

  • Negotiation

  • Documentation and

  • Verification

  • Post-Financing Stage

  • Timely Monitoring

  • Project Closure

  • Loan Repayment

For the existing projects –

  • We take the holistic view of the present financial management structure,
  • Preparation of the following documents as per the requirement basis
  • Credit Monitoring Analysis (CMA)
  • Project Report
  • Provisional/ Projected Financial Statements
  • Net worth
  • Following this, we provide an effective and efficient financial structure.
  • For new projects –
  • Analyzing the internal and external environment,
  • Considering the requirements of the fund
  • Evaluating the sources of finance
  • Arranging of funds as per the creditworthiness.

Our team is well equipped to devise financing solutions, arrange finance from various financial institutions, negotiate term sheets and assist in the closure of documentation for the conclusion of the transaction. We provide expert services with respect to project report preparation and CMA report preparation in a way that leads to immaculate documentation for banks or other financial institutions for financing purpose.

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